A biography of eli whitney an american inventor

In May Whitney entered Yale Collegewhere he learned many of the new concepts and experiments in science and the applied arts, as technology was then called.

A biography of eli whitney an american inventor

He was a pioneer in the development of the American system of manufactures. Eli Whitney was born in Westboro, Mass.

He took an early interest in mechanical work. He taught school to earn money to continue his education and graduated from Yale College in In Georgia he attracted a great deal of attention by inventing a number of domestic contrivances for his hostess.

He was informed of the need for a machine to clean green-seed cotton. Cotton gins of various designs were then in use in different parts of the world, and models had been imported and tried in Louisiana as early as None had ever worked well, however, and when Whitney arrived in Georgia, cleaning was still a hand job.

It took a slave a full day to clean one pound of cotton. Whitney set his hand to the problem and within ten days had produced a design for a gin.

By April he had made one which cleaned 50 pounds a day. Whitney went into partnership in May with Phineas Miller and returned to New England to build his gins. He received a patent for his machine in Marchby which time word of his design had spread and imitations were already on the market.

It was the initial hope of Whitney and Miller to operate the gins themselves, thus cornering the cotton market, but a lack of capital and the large number of pirated machines made this impossible.

Whitney took infringers to court, but he lost his first case, inand it was to be ten years before he won decisively and was able to establish his right to the machine. During this decade of frustration and financial uncertainty, Whitney turned to the manufacture of small arms as a way of repairing his fortune and saving his reputation.

He signed his first contract with the Federal government on June 14,and promised to deliver 4, arms by the end of September and another 6, a year later.

Whitney had no factory and no workmen, knew nothing about making guns, and had thus far been unable even to manufacture in quantity the relatively simple cotton gins. Judged by the terms of the contract, however, Whitney was a failure.

He had no idea of how to go about fulfilling his obligation, and indeed he delivered his first guns inthree years late. The last guns were not delivered to the government until Januaryalmost nine years late.

He died in New Haven, Conn.Eli Whitney >The American inventor and manufacturer Eli Whitney () perfected the >cotton gin [1].

Eli Whitney Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

He was a pioneer in the development of the American system >of manufactures. Eli Whitney was born in Westboro, Mass., on Dec. 8, He took an early interest in mechanical work.

A biography of eli whitney an american inventor

Eli Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin in made cotton cheap enough to use as a staple for textile production. As a result, slavery and the plantation system became fixtures in the American South. A biography of Eli Whitney, the inventor of the cotton gin, whose application of standardized parts to the production of weapons and other machines was a major influence in the development of industry.5/5(1).

Kids learn about the biography and life of Eli Whitney including his early career, invention of the cotton gin, in Westborough, Massachusetts to Eli and Elizabeth Whitney. Growing up on the farm with his two brothers and one sister, Eli enjoyed working in his dad's workshop.

American Revolution Industrial Revolution American Civil. Watch video · Eli Whitney Biography Inventor (–) Eli Whitney was an American inventor who created the cotton gin and pushed the “interchangeable parts” mode of production.

Eli Whitney is best remembered as the inventor of the first commercially viable cotton gin. Perhaps more importantly, his new method of making muskets, using an assembly line and interchangeable parts, initiated the American mass-production system.

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