A romance on a summers meadow

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A romance on a summers meadow

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Duncan was a family friend and he'd been driving the car, bringing Sarah's parents on a trip to London. He'd been critically injured and in his dying days he insisted that Sarah accept his half of a New Zealand sheep farm, so that she could raise Rory and Pauline without financial worries.

A romance on a summers meadow

Sarah hadn't wanted to accept but she could see that Duncan would not rest until this was settled, as he knew he was the one to blame in their parents deaths.

While Sarah did not expect Duncan's nephew Grant to welcome her as his partner, she could only hope that he would not be unkind to the children. But what Sarah didn't know was that a bitter woman who had set Duncan in her sights, had written a letter to Grant warning him of Sarah's manipulative ways and how she had duped his uncle out of Grant's inheritance.

So when the ship arrived in New Zealand, and Grant met Sarah, he didn't bother to conceal his dislike and distrust. Ms Summers was such a masterful storyteller.

In this story, she brings the New Zealand setting to life and breathes life into her characters. Sarah is a strong generous young woman who can't help feeling hurt when Grant refuses to believe she is genuine. He'd seen her in many guises: Was any of them real, or part of a composite picture with which she hoped to convince him that her motives were not acquisitive ones?

Grant's had a broken engagement that has left him bitter and rather prejudiced to any woman with glamourous features and blonde hair making it easy for him to believe the letter. Sarah realizes that nothing she could say would ever change Grant's feelings, and it tears her heart to see him so kind and loving with Rory and Pauline, and respectful and caring with workers and neighbours.

At every turn she feels an outsider.

And as the weeks pass, she sees that they truly are kindred spirits had they only met under different circumstances. Summers so richly breathes life into Sarah and Grant, and into Rory and Pauline as well.

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The elderly Scots woman who looks after the homestead is quite a character as well. What I think makes Ms. Summers stories so enjoyable is the way she creates real life events to bring depth to the people and places.

I found myself emotionally involved and there were quite some moments where there were tears in my eyes. Sarah's depression is quite palpable and when she's in danger I could easily feel Grant's terrifying fear for her.

I think this book is only the third published by Ms. Summers and though it was originally published init hasn't lost any of it's charm.It's a summer for discovering that young love is a spark not soon extinguished. Whenever You Come Around, Kings Meadow Series #3 () by Robin Lee Hatcher Hear about sales, receive special offers & more.

No matter what your scene, East Meadow has something to offer for everyone, whether you're looking for a romantic night on the town, planning the perfect bachelor party for your pal, or you simply. the romance is the myth of paradise, a myth in which Emily and every other southern white woman of social stature conforms to the archetype of prelapsarian (though well-clothed) Eve.

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When their true identities are revealed, they have to find the courage and take a leap of faith. As promised in last week’s posting on The Gottman Relationship Blog, we continue our Summer Romance blog series today with an exercise to help you build connection with your partner by updating your “Love Maps.” We’ve discussed Love Maps at length here on The Gottman Relationship Blog.

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