An analysis of leadership in twelve angry men

The book mentioned an activity where readers were requested to watch this black and white classic on group dynamics.

An analysis of leadership in twelve angry men

The series seeks to explore leadership through the lens of selected movies. I always recommend you watch the movie before reading the analysis so as not to spoil a great movie. The film, set in a New York City courthouse, tells the story of a twelve man jury at the trial of an 18 year old Hispanic boy from the slums on trail for murdering his father.

The film charts a fascinating journey of how each of the jurors, through careful argument and oftentimes heated discussion, turn around their decision and deliver a unanimous vote of not-guilty. Authentic leadership is rooted in Greek philosophy. The term was coined by Robert Terry in but was popularised by Bill George.

A prerequisite for being an authentic leader is knowing your own strengths, limitations, and values. Knowing what you stand for and what you value is critical.

Moreover, self-awareness and awareness of the impact you have on others is needed in order to develop the other components of authentic leadership.

At the start of the movie, Davies stands by the window alone smoking a cigarette. He is thoughtful and reflective. This involves being honest and straightforward in dealing with others. An authentic leader does not play games or have a hidden agenda. You know where you stand with an authentic leader as they openly express their thoughts and feelings In the movie, Davies is very honest and transparent about his position.

An effective authentic leader solicits opposing viewpoints and considers all options before choosing a course of action.

Authentic leaders encourage others to question or challenge their values. He uses powerful advocacy and inquiry skills and avoids making assumptions. An authentic leader has a self-regulated ethical core.

They know the right thing to do and are driven by a concern for ethics and fairness executed through ethical decision making, judgement and behaviour.

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He is not driven by self-importance or entrenched position — at one stage when he feels too alienated from the group, he feels the right thing to do is to encourage others to do the right thing by abstaining on a secret ballot vote and promising to switch his position if there were still eleven votes for guilty.

He commands respect, when the bigot and the sadists talk, the other jurors move away; when Davies talks, they listenhe shifts entrenched views away from vengeance to justice, he encourages people to do the right thing and his actions deter a boy from being executed.

He comes across as compassionate, thoughtful, sincere and genuine, qualities which attract followership. In this fast-paced technological age where companies have folded because of unethical practice it is important to have some authentic leaders in the organisation to keep it focused on its core values and beliefs.

Studying Davies, juror number eight, in the movie can help us appreciate the values, qualities and approach of an authentic leader. Look out for further articles in this series.Transcript of Leadership Analysis of 12 Angry Men.

12 ANGRY MEN APPLICATION OF LEADERSHIP Stephen Reilly Muhammad Siddiq Ziqing "Lindsey" Yang Katelyn Nicosia Catherine Bonner Mona Yuan Team Enthusiasm Thesis Our Leader Emotional Intelligence Courage.  Twelve Angry Men Analysis Kelsey Crooks Principles of Sociology Professor Lori Sharpe October 19, Twelve Angry Men Analysis Sociology is “the systematic study of social interaction at a variety of levels” and can be observed in everyday life situations, including the one portrayed in the movie “Twelve Angry Men” (Benokraitis, ).

Oct 21,  · The film, 12 Angry Men, can teach us a lot about the process of group communication - both the positive and negative aspects. This blog post is a brief analysis of the film in relation to group dynamics. The series seeks to explore leadership through the lens of selected movies.

Today we are looking at the movie Twelve Angry Men directed by Sidney Lumet and featuring Henry Fonda as Davies. I always recommend you watch the movie before reading the analysis (so as not to spoil a great movie).

Twelve Angry Men Paper the Infrareds 14pkvwn. 12 Angry Men Essay. 12 Angry Men Movie Analysis. Group Dynamics in the movie 12 Angry Men.

An analysis of leadership in twelve angry men

Documents Similar To 12 Angry Men leadership analysis. 12 Angry Men. Uploaded by. Alok Shenoy. 12 Angry Men Script. Uploaded by. Mason Anderson. 12 Angry Men _ Guided Reading Questions Plus Key. Uploaded by. Leadership Analysis “Twelve Angry Men” Olu Adewumi NCLC Prof. Ampthor The movie “Twelve Angry Men” is about twelve male jurors, brought together in a deliberation room to decide whether a boy is guilty of killing his father.

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