An overview of general motor company invented by charles kettering

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An overview of general motor company invented by charles kettering

This has led many to seek the truth in the alternative press, those newsletter writers who, like me, have sought, but not always found what it is that is making the United States terminally-ill. What we did find was that the people walk in great darkness, mostly not caring or bothering to find out where their country is headed, firm in the belief that it will always be there for them.

This is the way the largest population-group has been manipulated to react, and their attitude plays right into the hands of the secret government. We frequently hear about "they" doing this, that or the other.

An overview of general motor company invented by charles kettering

It is a situation that has pertained for decades. During the course of this book, we shall identify the mysterious "they" and then, after that, it is up to the people to remedy their situation. On 30th AprilI wrote a monograph disclosing the existence of the Club of Rome, identifying it as a Committee of 3OO subversive body.

This was the first mention of both of these organizations in the United States. I warned readers not to be fooled by the feeling that the article was far-fetched and I drew a parallel between my article and the warning issued by the Bavarian government when the secret plans of the Illuminati fell into its hands.

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We shall return to the Club of Rome and the role of the Committee of in U. The importance of Palme lies in the use made of him by the Club of Rome to deliver technology to the Soviet Union on the forbidden-list of the U. In what is in fact an open conspiracy against God and man, which includes enslaving the majority of humans left on this Earth, after wars, plagues and mass-murder have done with them, is not well hidden.

In the intelligence-community, it is taught that the best way to hide something is to place it in open view. As an example of the foregoing, when Germany wanted to hide its prized new Messerschmidt fighter-plane inthe aircraft was put on display at the Paris Air Show. While secret-agents and spies were collecting information from hollow tree-trunks and from behind loose bricks in a wall, the information they sought was staring them right in the face.

The upper-level parallel secret government does not operate from dank basements and secret underground chambers. It is akin to those weird and supposedly terrifying "monster" films, where the monster appears with distorted features, long hair and even longer teeth, growling and slavering all over the place.

Like the rapist who stops to offer his victim a friendly ride, he does not LOOK like the monster he is. If he did, his intended victim would run off screaming in fright.

The same applies to government at all levels.

The first Miss Black America pageant takes place

Stop for a moment and consider how President Bush ordered the brutal slaying ofIraqi troops, in a convoy of military vehicles carrying white flags, on their way back to Iraq under Geneva Convention rules of agreed disengagement and withdrawal.

Imagine the horror of the Iraqi troops when, in spite of waving their white flags, they were mowed down by American aircraft. In another part of the front, 12, Iraqi soldiers were buried alive in trenches they occupied.

Often times they put on a show which could be likened to the Paris Air Show, even as conspiracy buffs spend their time in fruitless searching in the wrong places and in the wrong direction.

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There, in full view is the head of the Committee of Charles Franklin Kettering invented dozens of important devices, but he is best known as the founder of Delco, the company who brought automobiles into the Age of Electricity.

Kettering was born on a farm outside Loudenville, Ohio in Charles Franklin Kettering (August 29, – November 25, ) sometimes known as Charles "Boss" Kettering was an American inventor, engineer, businessman, and the holder of patents. He was a founder of Delco, and was head of research at General Motors from to Education: The Ohio State University.

United Motors Corporation (later General Motors) bought DELCO in , and Kettering worked as vice president and director of research at GM from to In , the company Kettering formed to exploit the Delco-Light sold 60, units.

The Story of The Committee of

The labs were incorporated as General Motors Research Corporation in , at which time Kettering, simultaneously named a GM vice-president and board member, agreed to move the bulk of research activity to Detroit. The Editors of this magazine, which does not set out to be profound, have been highly successful in capturing material both from professional locomotive engineers (who very sadly are a shrinking breed), from senior railway managers, and from people like Andrew Dow who enjoyed priviledged access to railways at an early age.

Charles Franklin Kettering invented the first electrical ignition system and the self-starter for automobile engines and the first practical engine-driven generator. Born in an Ohio farmhouse, Kettering graduated from Ohio State University in as an engineer.

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