Compass test essay practice

The full version of the particular writing practice test below has 22 questions. It is just one of the practice tests from our Compass writing practice tests download. Our Compass Writing Test download contains ten practice tests on a variety of academic topics. Choose the correct versions of the numbered portions of the essay from the answer choices provided below.

Compass test essay practice

Body Paragraph Three V. Conclusion For example, the prompt may ask you to write a letter to the school board about whether or not funding for the fine arts programs should be a priority in the public schools.

When taking the Compass test, you will have to take a position. A good idea is to start with a pro-con list using your scratch paper. Continue the funding of fine arts Stop the funding of fine arts 1. Fine arts programs provide a creative outlet for students 1. Fine arts programs are too expensive 2.

Studying art, drama, and music builds confidence in students 2. Students need to focus on the basics: English, math, and science 3. Students who are not athletic need extracurricular activities too Now that you have brainstormed, it's time to choose a position.

In this case, let's choose to support funding of the fine arts. Therefore, our thesis statement should say something like this: Funding for the arts should be provided in public schools. Once you have a thesis, you can put together your outline using the pro-con list Compass test essay practice Introduction--identify controversy the lack of funds for the fine arts Thesis statement: Body Paragraph One--the arts provide a creative outlet Students need a break from tedious core classes Creativity can help students discover who they are III.

Body Paragraph Two--the arts build confidence Students who are bullied will have a chance to shine Classes like music and drama will help develop presentation skills IV.

Body Paragraph Three--the arts give non-athletic students a chance to participate in school activities A lot of famous actors and musicians were inspired by the arts V. Conclusion--reiterate thesis and bring paper to a close Once your outline is solidified, you can draft your paper.

Be sure to indent or double space when beginning each new paragraph. Introduction In a persuasive essay, the introduction must: Present the other side briefly and quickly come back to your position optional Close the paragraph with your thesis statement, taking a strong position on the issue.

This introduction is taken from Dr. Nancy Allen's The Writer's Handbook: The decision to eliminate or to keep funding for the fine arts programs in the public schools presents the school board the opportunity to do what is best for the students.

Whatever the school board's decision, it will have a significant impact on the students' lives. The citizens and students who support eliminating the fine arts funding have some convincing arguments, including the recent reduction in state funds. However, programs such as drama, music, and art provide many benefits to the students.

Funding should, therefore, be provided for the fine arts programs. Note that the last sentence states the thesis of the paper. Body Paragraphs In the body of the essay, the writer uses specific evidence, examples, and personal opinions to persuade the reader that the stated position is a valid one.

Each sentence must closely relate to the topic and the sentence that came before it. This way, the logic of the argument is easy to follow. Be sure to use adequate transitions as they make it easy for the reader to follow the logic of the presentation.

The purpose of these paragraph s is to defend the thesis statement. Each body paragraph should open with a topic sentence that supports the thesis.

One reason the school board should support the funding of the arts is because it provides students with a creative outlet. Use examples to support the main point of each body paragraph. For the first paragraph in this paper, you should discuss why it's important for students to express their creativity.

By expressing themselves through the arts, students are able to release their emotions and feelings in a more positive atmosphere. Once you have drafted all three body paragraphs, you can write the conclusion of your paper.Cracking the Writing Section of the Compass Instructor: Ms.

Becky Villarreal. Format When taking the Compass test, you will have to take a position. A good idea is to start with a pro-con list (using your scratch paper).

Compass test essay practice

you will need to use one of the prompts below to write the practice persuasive essay. Our free study guide contains lessons and practice questions that will help you succeed on the Pre-Algebra and Algebra portions of the COMPASS® Math Test.

Master the pre-algebra skills needed for the COMPASS Test with these free study guides and practice questions. read more. The ESL test allows institutions to test the ability of non-native English speakers in listening, reading, grammar, and essay.

Unlike other standardized tests which only display final scores in a uniform format, the reporting from the ACT Compass can be customized in a variety of ways. ACt Compass test. the examples in this booklet are similar to the kinds of test questions you are likely to see when you take the actual ACt Compass test.

since this is a practice exercise, you will answer just a few questions and you won’t receive a real. COMPASS Writing Skills Practice Test #1. The ACT Compass Writing Essay test is no longer offered by ACT.

Compass test essay practice

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