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United States[ edit ] Elementary and middle schools may have a designated staff member design write advertising mn is in charge of putting together that school's yearbook, with or without the help of the students.

These books are usually considerably smaller than a high school or college yearbook. High school yearbooks generally cover a wide variety of topics from academics, student life, sports, clubs and other major school events. Generally, each student is pictured with their class, while seniors might get a page-width picture or a slightly larger photo than the underclassmen to reflect their status in the school.

A high school yearbook staff consists of students with one or more faculty advisors. The yearbook staff can be chosen in a variety of ways, including volunteer extracurricular organization, academic class, or assigned to the entire senior class.

ACP holds the annual Pacemaker competition for college yearbooks as well as other collegiate media outlets. Australia[ edit ] Yearbooks published by Australian schools follow a consistent structure to their North American counterparts. Australian yearbooks function as an annual magazine for the school body, with a significant focus on objectively reporting the events that occurred during the schooling year.

They cover various topics including academic, sporting, extra-curricular, student life and other activities. Yearbook staff predominantly consist of only one or two school teachers who serve as editors in chief.

Design write advertising mn style yearbooks are not as common, although exceptions occur. In recent years, companies have been servicing Australian schools with online yearbook systems that allow schools to create their yearbooks collaboratively online.

Additionally, some schools feature a separate yearbook for students in Year Publishing[ edit ] Australian school yearbooks are primarily published with offset printing technology, with a mix of colour, spot colour, and black and white pages, depending on the school's budget.

In the past, Year 12 yearbooks were simply printed using a photocopierbut Australian yearbook publishers have improved the quality of these publications by providing low cost digital printing solutions.

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India[ edit ] India does not have a long history of publishing school yearbooks. However, top Business schools and Engineering colleges publish custom yearbooks.

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This is typically created by the final year students of the batch. A yearbook or a memory book would consist of testimonials and common pages such as Directors address and events, festivals picture collages.

Most top schools do create schools magazines which are shared with each student. Some of the early adopters among school students are starting to create custom yearbooks in the same line as created by students from US or Europe.

This trend is likely to pick up with the advent of technology platforms that make it easy for students to create them. South Africa[ edit ] In South Africa it is not as common to find yearbooks in schools as it is in countries such as the US and Canada, though there are a number of schools that allocate annual funding and publish yearbooks at the end of the school year November or December.

These yearbooks closely resemble those found in the US, with columns about certain themes, in-depth coverage of major events and large collections of photos, as well as drawings reflecting daily life at these schools. Major events covered include Matric Farewell Dances equivalent to Senior Prom in the USannual sporting events such as Inter-schools where a number of schools assemble and compete in various sports as well as with dance routines in competition for spirit awards etc.

Nigeria[ edit ] In Nigeria, it is very common to find yearbooks in schools as it is in countries such as the US and Canada, though there are a number of schools that allocate annual funding and publish yearbooks at the end of the school year July or August. Some schools do produce yearbook every year.

These books, referred to by sailors as " cruise books " are produced on board by the ship's Morale, Welfare and Recreation department and Public Affairs staff, and then printed ashore by the same printing companies that publish high school and college yearbooks.

The cruise book of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier typically reaches over pages in length, as it includes portraits of the more than 5, sailors and Marines assigned to the ship's company and embarked carrier air wing. The Navy's Recruit Training Center in Great LakesIllinois also produces yearbook style publications for each graduating division of recruits.

These publications are much smaller, as each recruit division totals roughly 80 sailors. The book is called "The Keel" after the part of a ship that is constructed first, as RTC or boot camp sets the foundation for the sailor's career.

These books contain a color section common to all books published that year, with a specific black and white section added for each recruit division and their "brother" or "sister" division.

Production and distribution[ edit ] Compilation[ edit ] Yearbooks are generally compiled by a student club or a yearbook class, usually advised by a faculty member. The yearbook staff usually has one or more editors who are responsible for collecting and compiling all of the information to be contained within the book, also deciding the layout and allocation of space for each contributor.

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Sections[ edit ] Most yearbooks have a similar format, which includes individual photographs of students, information on activities, sports and other activities. People seniors, underclassmen, faculty [ edit ] In the U. Normally students will have individual portraits accompanied by their names.

Senior photographs are usually larger than those of underclassmen and are sometimes accompanied by text about their accomplishments throughout high school and their future plans. Frequently, seniors are polled to nominate their classmates for "superlatives" or "class celebrities" such as "most likely to succeed", "most athletic", "most spirited", "best smile", and "class clown"are often published in the senior section.

Some private schools and smaller high schools set aside an entire page for each senior. These pages are sometimes designed by the seniors themselves, with each senior submitting a digital or physical version of the page he or she would like featured in the book.

Parents can purchase packages of these portraits to distribute, often accompanied by other items featuring the portrait. These portraits often go into the school yearbook, which are usually distributed at the end of the school year.Where Did SPAM ® Brand get it's name?.

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