Employee motivation theory and practice essay

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Employee motivation theory and practice essay

The focus of the theory has been to understand the motivational Employee motivation theory and practice essay of employees. The equity theory is based on the distributive justice principles promulgated to take care of social justice by balancing the economical disadvantages that existed in that period.

It focuses on the need for fairness and justice as related to several human behaviors especially used by administrators of salary and wage. It may have been referred as an equity theory as it is attuned to achieve equity and Adams would have focused on inequity as some element of inequity needs to be believed to have taken place to propose a theory of this kind.

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Since, the theory was based on a give-and-take principle, a frame of reference to judge the equity or inequity was needed and therefore, the perception of inequity was based on reference persons or groups.

The implications of these characteristics is that the inputs need to have some attributes which are recognized as important and there has to be a perception that the individual feels that this recognized attribute is relevant in the process of exchange.

A feeling of inequity is expected to be generated when the person with the inputs perceives that outcomes are not in balance as compared to the inputs based on those reference framework discussed earlier.

In other words, a perceived ratio of inputs and outputs is developed and if the ratio is different than that of the reference group, an inequity is said to be perceived. Thus, inequity could be both positive and negative in terms of being favorable or unfavorable to the concerned individual.

An equity is said to be established when the ratio of inputs and outcomes is equal to that of the reference group. And when inequity is perceived a feeling of dissatisfaction creeps in and the perception of inequity persists till an exit is made out of it.

The exit could be because of a systematic intervention strategy or simply the person leaves the organization where he perceived inequity. Hence, a change or even modification is required at the input or output or reference level to achieve a perceptual change in the inequity level.

Essential theories of motivation and leadership. The implications of equity theory in the work area can be viewed from the fact that it three pillars of any exchange relationship i. It is also based on a reality based individual perception; there could always be feeling of inequity and hence its applicability and relevance is widespread.

The relevance of this theory has been fuelled with people losing jobs on the one hand and on the other chief executive officers of corporations still going on expensive vacations, being paid hefty bonuses and even ostensibly attending meetings by traveling by a private jet especially in financial crisis the US is going through now, there are bound to be inequities.

The theory is particularly useful in explaining the levels of stress, burnout, and job dissatisfaction experienced by employees in a perfectly normal or even temporary setting.

In spite of wide applicability, the theory has been debated on several fronts. Although, the theory was not solely meant for an explanation of remuneration but since the Adams era it has established a remuneration focus and largely remains as such.

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Nevertheless, it has remained to be an acceptable theory as against others which dealt the same area of fairness, equity, and cognitive dissonance. The expectancy theory of motivation was initially proposed by Vroom Vroom concentrated on outcomes.

The outcome was based on effort and performance. Vroomproposed that a person will be motivated when the effort, performance and the level of motivation are linked. He used three elements to account for this and called them Valence, Expectancy and Instrumentality. That is why some times this theory is also called VIE theory.The Effect of Motivation on an Employee's Work Performance - The aim of this essay is to give an in depth explanation on the effect that motivation can have on an employees' commitment and performance at work.

Motivation Theory Introduction In this competitive market it is easy to replicate products, but cannot replicate motivated employees.

Employee motivation theory and practice essay

The important factor to achieve success in the business is that the manager should have the ability to understand and motivate their employees. An understanding and appreciation of this is a prerequisite to effective employee motivation in the workplace and therefore effective management and leadership.

Our articles on motivation theory and practice concentrate on various theories regarding human nature in general and motivation in particular/5(12).

Employee Motivation is the Key to Success Essay - Employee Motivation is the Key to Success MEANING OF MOTIVATION Motivation is an aspect of managerial function of directing under execution. It is necessary as a means to induce people to work, as they are able and trained to do, willingly.

The analysis of Motivation theories, and behavior of an single & A ; group in an organisation and their application is really much necessary to take an organisation, because cognition of these countries helps to acquire the maximal end product from the employees and to run and organisation efficaciously.

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Employee motivation theory and practice essay

Scholars have researched and studied motivation for generations. There are a multitude of motivational theories including employee encouragement, motivation measurements and principles, positive organisational environments, people motivation, strategic performance, salary, rewards, theory in practice, self motivation and employee motivation.

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