Form 5 english essay formal letter

As Chairperson of the English Language Society, you are going to try to persuade the students to study the language by writing an article in the school newsletter. In the article you have to tell the students the importance of studying the language. Your article is given in the point form below:

Form 5 english essay formal letter

How are you recently? I had received your letter last week. You said you had joined a english essay competition which was organised by your school, and you won the champion!

Form 5 english essay formal letter

You did a great job! I'm sure that your parents should be proud of you. Besides, sorry for the late reply. Because I have just spent my school holiday in Malacca with my lovely family. So, let's talk about my trip in Malacca.

On the first day of my trip in Malacca, we went to the historical sites of Malacca, A Famosa. We bought some souvenirs there, we have also take photographs there.

After visited A Famosa, we went to visit the crocodile farm. The way to go to crocodile farm was very bumpy and need 2 hours to reach there. But we chat happily with each others so we don't feel tired on the way to crocodile farm. I saw many species of crocodiles there, it's really interesting!

It helped me to exhanced my knowledge. We have also watched crocodile-feeding sessions. I wish that you can watched with me because it's really horrible that many crocodiles get their food together!

On the next day, we went to Mahkota Parade, which is a large shopping complex and very famous in Malacca. There sell so many things that worth to buy it. The price is so cheap the the things is beautiful with creative. We have also watch movie in the cineplex which is situated in the Mahkota Parade.

It had a very large movie screen and it's really comfortable to watch a movie there. After that, we have rest for a while in our hotel and went to the A Famosa Water World which is near by our hotel. We enjoyed water games and had a picnic there. We went back to miri on the next day. I had a really sweet memories during the trip.

I'm so regret about didn't take photographs when visited the crocodile farm. I've forgot about it. So, that's all about my school holiday. How do you spent your school holiday? I'm really interested to know about it. Anyways, wish you all the best and have a healthy body.

Don't forget to bring my wish to your parents too. Wait for your reply.Dec 02,  · Useful SPM Essay. Home; Sunday, December 2, Informal Letter SPM. AM 15 comments.

You recently went an expedition with your classmates to Langkawi. Informal Letter SPM. You recently went an expedition with your classmates to Langkawi. You have been asked to write a letter to your cousin about your vis.

Guidelines for Writing a Formal Letter: 5. Salutation/Greeting This is usually in the form of an action or response. It is a common practice to end a formal letter with phrases such as I look forward to hearing from you or I hope prompt action will be taken to solve this problem.

PT3 Essay - Formal Letter You and your neighbours live near a leslutinsduphoenix.coml factories have been built along the factories have been polluting the stream especially a chemical factory.

Write a letter to the manager of that particular factory complaining about the pollution. SPM SAMPLE OF ESSAYS - DIRECTED WRITING; SPM SAMPLE OF ESSAYS - DIRECTED WRITING DIRECTED WRITING: 35 MARKS. In spite of government’s clear call to students to study English well, many students still show very little interest in studying the language.

Form 5 english essay formal letter

- use the formal letter- use all the points given- elaborate each points given. On the contrary, if you are asked to write to someone you don’t know, you must respond in form of a formal letter. The levels of formality in English Language .

Formal Letter - English. Please convey the outcome of this application via formal letter or Organization Reply Form (SPE/LP/ORG) to the undersigned at the address above or fax by 30th April or sooner. Thanking you in advance for support and assistance in making this program success.

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