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Ulio enlisted in the 10th Infantry Regiment on September 1, and was appointed as a battalion sergeant major in the 2nd Infantry shortly before he was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in the Infantry branch on October 5,

General ulio adjutant general of the

White and Walter C. Both 23, they grew up on adjoining farms, attended the same school, enlisted together and fought side by side in the battles of Coral Sea, Midway and the Solomon's.

War book holders of 15 years of age or older will be eligible for one pound of roasted coffee only on stamp no. Mabry, now fighting with Uncle Sam's defenders. Billie Cole, son of Mr.

General ulio adjutant general of the

Cole of Union, received his promotion to captaincy in August and is now serving at Camp A. Hill in Richmond, Virginia. Wolverton, son of Mr. Wolverton of Union, is now serving with the U. Army somewhere in England. Nolan James of Union have received word that their son Albert, has landed safely overseas and is doing well.

The Union Appeal, December 10, W. Howle received a telephone call from his son, Bill Owen, informing him that he had arrived safely in San Diego from somewhere in the Pacific war zone and would be home in about ten days.

Bill Owen has been in the service about two years and this will be his first trip home. He has been in active combat service on a Flying Fortress for several months. He recently returned to the states after serving several months in the Pacific war zone.

Last week in Union school we made a special drive on account of Pearl Harbor Day. The amount of stamps and bonds clearly showed that the spirit of the students is 'we will do our part'.

The Union Appeal, December 31, Sgt. Simmons, who was reported missing in action on October 21st when the plane he was in failed to return from a flight over western Europe, is now a prisoner of war in Germany.

The Union Appeal, February 4, Cpl. Thrash of near Sebastopol, arrived home Saturday. Seventeen months of his service has been spent on Midway Island. Don't throw away your old silk and nylon hose.

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Take them to the Modern Beauty Shop where they will be collected for the defense of our country. The Union Appeal, February 25, Sgt.

Carl Rushing, a paratrooper in the U.

General ulio adjutant general of the

Army, is visiting in Union this week. The Union Appeal, April 15, Mr. Livingston of Union Rt. Livingston, was wounded in action in North Africa on March McMahan has been promoted to sergeant. He is the son of Mr. Hansford, Seaman First Class, U.

Naval Hospital, Oakland, California, is spending a 30 days leave with his parents. He was aboard a ship that was shelled by the Japanese and was injured by an exploding shell.

Marine Corps, who was stationed on Midway Island when the Japanese tried to take it, was in town this week. He is on furlough and is being transferred to North Carolina.

Elmo Watkins, who is with the Merchant Marines and has recently made a trip to Russia, is spending a ten-day leave with relatives and friends in and around Union. The Union Appeal, May 13, Mrs.

Simmons of Union recently received a letter from her son, Sgt. Simmons, who is a prisoner of war in Germany. The Union Appeal, May 20, Pfc. Clyde Smith and Pfc. Hinton White are spending a few days furlough with their parents here.Adjutant-General James A. Ulio M Smith James A. Ulio was born June 29, in Walla Walla Washington.

He enlisted in the Regular Army in September at eighteen years old. While enlisted, he served as private, corporal, and battalion sergeant major. He received a commission as an Infantry Officer (second lieutenant) in October A Brief History of the Adjutant General's Department from June 16th, to December 31st, New York City: The Recruiting Publicity Bureau.

OCLC There'll be blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover, Tomorrow, just you wait and see. There'll be joy and laughter and peace ever after, Tomorrow, when the world is free.

In August , as a Captain, he joined the Thirty-second Infantry until promotion to Major where he served as adjutant at Camp McClellan, Alabama. In March , after he “revealed marked ability as adjutant” (p.

), Ulio transferred to the Thirty-Fifth Division (France) where he served as . Major General James A. Ulio, The Adjutant General of the Army, As a Major in World War I, he was the Adjutant of the 4th Army Corps.

See also List of Adjutant Generals of the U.S. Army Western Union MIA telegram from Ulio References Ancell, R. Manning; Miller, Christine Marie, eds.

(). The Biographical Dictionary of World War II Generals and Flag Officers.

James Alexander Ulio, Major General, United States Army