Interesting court cases to write about

In some criminal or civil cases, the legal maneuvering is just beginning.

Interesting court cases to write about

He sued the prison administration but the case was later dismissed. One day, he decided to be removed from prison so he could enter a mental institution.

In the end, the case was dismissed and he failed to get his transfer. To achieve his lifelong dream of swimming with a whale, he hid himself from the security guards of Sea World so he could stay at the park after closing.

After his death, his parents sued Sea World on account of failure to display public warnings that the whale could actually kill people. He sued her on grounds of sperm theft, saying that she did not tell him that she was using birth control pills.


As a result, she fell down the floor and knocked out her two front teeth. Apparently, the case was dismissed. Since the garage door was malfunctioning, he decided to use the house door. For some reasons, he got locked up inside the garage and had to stay there for eight days since the house owners were on a vacation then.

Her fall was caused by a detergent dumped by a prankster into the fountain four hours earlier. This led the family of Byers to file a case against the makers of the movie, including Oliver Stone and Warner Brothers. The local radio said she was going to get a Renault Clio as a prize, but when she arrived at the radio station, she only got a toy car.

She wanted to add cream and sugar to her drink so she placed the cup in between her knees. She pulled the lid of the cup toward her, and as a result, the coffee spilt onto her lap.

Advertisement 16 Two teens filed a case against a house owner While trespassing on private property, Jeffrey Kline and Brett Birdwell got themselves burned after they touched an uninsulated wire.

He also believed that the two magicians were using godly powers, and because he believed he was God, it was his powers that the magicians were stealing.

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After the protest, two members of the group hit a deer. Ironically, PETA sued the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife for the damage caused, saying that it was all because of its deer management program which involved efforts to increase deer population.

In the end, the plaintiffs were ordered to compensate the video game makers for their legal fees. Unfortunately, this was never the case for an Israeli woman who filed a case against a TV station for its wrong weather prediction. According to her, the TV station predicted that the weather was going to be fine, but it rained.

And because she dressed lightly, she caught a flu. The complainant said he suffered emotional distress and mental injury because of the false ads. The case was later dismissed by court.Jun 26,  · The 21 most famous Supreme Court decisions.

interesting court cases to write about

The Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage is among its landmark cases of all time. 25 Extremely Bizarre Court Cases. Posted by David Pegg, Updated on July 25, Unfortunately though, some citizens take advantage of the system to file frivolous cases and squeeze money from others.

Here is a list of the 25 most bizarre cases ever filed in court: Subscribe to List The Supreme Court's ruling on President Obama's Affordable Care Act is just one decision in a long line of controversial cases.

TIME takes a look at other landmark rulings. Supreme Court Landmarks. Participate in interactive landmark Supreme Court cases that have shaped history and have an impact on law-abiding citizens today. Bethel School District #43 v. Fraser () Holding: Students do not have a First Amendment right to make obscene speeches in school.

Most of the time here at Law Street I write about the serious side of law, but let’s face it: sometimes the courtroom gets a bit silly, crazy, or downright hilarious.

10 Weirdest Court Cases. 50 Interesting Court Cases. December 20, Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. WhatsApp. 1 Holocaust denial group.

A holocaust denial group offered $50, to anyone who could prove that gas chambers were used to intentionally kill people at Auschwitz. They were forced by a judge to pay that money, and an additional $40,, to Auschwitz.

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