Knitted fabrics essay

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Knitted fabrics essay

The data information gathered from these sources will be used to take strategic decisions ensuring their company's future development existence.

This document further provides analytical description under this report title "Ensuring Organizational Existence with ICT and its involvement for strategic development - Hayleys Company".

Hayleys is one of the leading multinational companies established in Srilanka with a team of 35, persons providing a variety of services covering a large business sector such as Fiber, Hand Protection, Purification, Transportation, Agri products, Plantations, Knitted Fabrics, Agri Inputs, Consumer Products, Industry Inputs, Power and Energy, Investments and Services, Resorts, Aviation and Destination Management Services both in local and international markets involving with a 2.

SWOT Analysis is a tool that provides valuable information to correspond resources and possibility to the environments of competitiveness that the organization operates. This Analysis model can also be used as an effective tool that can be adapted for strategy selection and decision making situations for the organization.

As the first stage of performing the SWOT analysis it is necessary to identify the organization's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats where the Strengths and Weaknesses are factors that are important for analyzing the internal factors, the Opportunities and Threats to analyze the external factors.

Furthermore, the internal factors are identified as the talent and the asset which increases the values of the company, and the external factors which aren't created because of the company, but affects the company due to the activities performed by the external forces.

This mainly involves with the competitors. Strength mainly concentrates on the factors that the organizational management could take as decisions to improve the resources that is being utilized to improve the competitive advantage or how it could be used as a strength as an opportunity in the future.

The Factors involves strength could be: Management should identify these weaknesses and must take necessary action to overcome these weaknesses. There could be a number of common weaknesses that could effect an organizations such as: Less experience of marketing Difficulties of constituting difference between products or services which is related to the competitors of the organization The Location of the establishment Damage of the company reputation.

Opportunities involves with the new area that the company could grow into. By adopting various opportunities the company management could easily decide how the technological development or demographical change be involved to move in to various directions.

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The common opportunities for an organization could be listed as follow: A new development of a new market such as the Internet Improving profit by moving into lately developed market segments Combine with strategic alliances.

Modern International Markets Markets which are vacated by competitors who are ineffective. Threats could be sources of danger for a company, but this could be an opportunity for another company's existence in the commercial environment.

By identifying and by making the proper decisions the management of the organization could overcome from such situations. A threat could be: A fresh competitor in the home market The price wars with the rivals A rival has a have a distinct service or product The superior access to the access to distribution channels by the rivals.

The introduction of taxation to the products and services of the company.

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Brand Name Hayleys Company maintains a good picture with a globally recognized brand name over the past years and this is one of the most diversified companies in Srilanka.

Business Model The company stands with an optimized business model. Financial Position - Globally accepted financial position with higher profit rates.


Technology - Involvement of Information Communication Technology ICT in a vast area of business sectors for day-to-day information and business transactions. Market - Hayleys has captured both local and International markets maintaining relationships with industrial giants.

Products - Diversified products are available to suite different markets 1. Market - The existent on the market depends on the investments made by the international industrial giants. Product - Looking in to products the product innovation time lags.

Once a new technology or a product has being invented there is no introduction about it and the customers awareness is very less 3. Technology - Local customers do not have direct contact while dealing with the company.

Knitted fabrics essay

Market - Immerging markets are identified as in mainly in the European region as well as the Asian Region 2. Finance - Breaking old supplier chains to reduce the costs - Introduction of the technology to the local markets and convincing them the effectiveness of the product.

Technology - Sharing transferring technology within the industrial framework both internationally and locally. Investors and share holders - Comparing with the past and the present short term and long term achievements Hayleys have made investors and shareholders confident about the company's future and to invest more.

Products - Involving in to new projects and by implementing current products enables new product introduction and new inventions. Finance - The downturn of the Interest rates - The less demand over the product which are produce.The concept of knit vs.

woven fabrics didn’t occur to me until I started knitting. Watching that needle create loops, dipping in and out of each stitch, is fascinating. It’s even more fascinating when you think about it as a fabric that clothes your body.

If . Weft-knitting fabric is made from continuous lengths of yarn, which is fed across the width of the fabric by a series of needles. Weft knits can be unravelled and if a stitch is dropped it will run down the length of the fabric, so weft-knitting fabric cannot be cut like woven fabric.

Shui Fabrics is a joint venture between Rocky River Industries, an Ohio based company and Shanghai Fabric Ltd., of China. Ray Betzell, the general manager of Shui Fabrics along with deputy manager, Chui Wai, both share difference of opinions pertaining to the direction of the company.

Learn how to darn a worn Christmas stocking (or any knitted fabric) with master Jennifer Raymond. Finally, read an essay about a knitter’s ambivalence over gifting knits and why they’re not for just anyone. Free Essay: Fabrics All fabrics are created from tiny hair-like fibers.

These can be less than an inch in length or long, strands that goes on and on. These. different types of knit fabric EXPLAINED + a fabric giveaway!

I love sewing with knit fabric – the stretch makes it comfortable to wear and forgiving to sew. Since my local fabric store has a very limited knit fabric section, I buy most of my knits online.

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