Property preservation business plan template

Intellectual Property Rights It is recommended that every research project, whether funded or non-funded, produces a data management plan DMP before starting the project. A DMP is a document that describes how research data will be collected, organised, stored, secured, backed-up, preserved, and where applicable, shared. A DMP should be concise and appropriate to the nature of the research, with more detailed plans for larger projects. Decisions about data management should be justified and the DMP should be implemented once the project begins.

Property preservation business plan template

Utilizing Geospatial Metadata to Support Data Preservation Practices January Metadata associated with geospatial datasets can provide a rich insight into the technical details about the dataset it is describing while also providing information about the 'who', 'what', 'when', 'where', 'why', and 'how' to explain the dataset's purpose and utility.

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When thoughtfully populated, geospatial metadata can be a critical resource for understanding and managing geospatial data for current and future GIS practitioners and those trying to preserve the geospatial data.

GeoMAPP has prepared a checklist that identifies key geospatial metadata fields that property preservation business plan template be beneficial to the long term preservation of the GIS datasets. While fully compliant, richly completed full geospatial metadata records should always be the preferred standard for GIS data creators, the above checklist highlights metadata fields that deserve special focus to be thoughtfully populated by GIS data creators, and more thoroughly reviewed by GIS clearinghouses to benefit long-term GIS data preservation, access, and use.

property preservation business plan template

Geospatial Data File Formats Reference Guide Microsoft Excel July Electronic file format support is a fundamental challenge in the long-term preservation of digital materials.

Geospatial data is primarily comprised of raster data, made up of a two dimensional array of equally sized cells where each cell holds a single attribute value and location coordinates, or vector data, represented as points, lines, and polygons.

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In addition to the fundamental geographic information, many datasets also include underlying tables of data that further elaborate the geographic elements, such as population counts, income values, average property values, demographic information, or identifying information for individual features such as name, address, etc.

Then all of this data may further be wrapped within an encompassing database that enables relationships and analysis across the datasets.

Many of the geospatial formats are manifested as numerous files in a variety of file types. All of these aspects pose challenges to GIS professionals and to archivists both today and in the future. This spreadsheet provides a quick reference of some of the common geospatial raster and vector dataset types, and can serve as a tool to identify geospatial format types based on file extensions.

In order to preserve geospatial content, the GeoMAPP team explored processes, techniques, and tecnologies to transfer geospatial data to an archival organization with state-wide preservation responsibility for geospatial data. This paper offers guidance on planning, preparation, and execution of dataset transfers to the archival organization, and highlights the data transfer experiences from the GeoMAPP partner states.

The paper also includes an archiving project roadmap that will assist organizations exploring geoarchiving in planning their data transfer projects, suggestions for GIS and archival cross-organizational collaboration for orientation and knowledge transfer, network and infrastruture considerations in preparation for transferring files, naming and file organizational recommendations, and tips on tools for packaging and validating data file transfers.

The paper also provides a role-based summary of the data transfer tasks for geospatial contributors and the archival recipients.

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Be sure to refer to the appendices for project planning checklists and numerous resources to support the data transfer planning, preparation, and execution activities. Video demonstration and tutorial demonstrating use of BagIt and Esri ArcCatalog to validate file transfer and functionally verify geospatial datasets.

Below are the results of the efforts for each state. Also included is a design template for states planning to implement intrastate data transfer.Official website of the Department of Homeland Security. A Sample Banquet Hall Rental Business Plan Template.

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Welcome to the NPDES Water Quality information page. Described below are the various water quality requirements that must be met throughout the project development and construction process.

property preservation business plan template

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