Research papers on business intelligence

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Research papers on business intelligence

Comments "Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. This is an excellent annual conference that is sponsored by the University of Zagreb and expertly coordinated by Dr.

Products Help Block Mideast Web.

Research papers on business intelligence

Netsweeper is marketed to educational institutions, government organizations, businesses, service providers and OEM partners around the world to block web content that the client deems to be inappropriate. Relative to the Mideast, the story mentions that the product is used to block content by using a pre-established list of more than 90 categories to meet government rules and regulations based on social, religious, or political ideals.

Besides the fact that the U. If organizations are censoring information, then some people surely have more access to data than others. This obviously presents a clear disparity in BI sense-making capabilities. I have no idea how much organizations censor data, but it seems to me that this is a topic worth exploring.

Research papers on business intelligence — Termite Safe Many companies offer similar products and use comparable technologies and business processes. Everyone can learn from what these companies do.

Censorship compromises what people know, what data they base their decisions upon, and eventually what they do. By manipulating data, organizations may inadvertently adversely affect the integrity of their own decision-making capabilities and compromise firm actions in unintended ways.

From a research perspective, it would be interesting to know how much censorship occurs in firms and whether employees find measures to thwart it. One of the findings was that these individuals recognize the need for more BI talent and for continuing BI education.

While there are institutions that offer BI courses or MBA BI concentrations, these are inadequate for developing the full repertoire of skills needed by these professionals.

Hopefully, other institutions of higher education will recognize the educational need here and develop new BI-specific comprehensive programs. However, to do this, model BI undergraduate and graduate curriculums will need to be developed.

Business Intelligence Organization There are basically three means by which business intelligence can be organized: A centralized approach tends to focus on BI competency centers, while the decentralized approach focuses on client mentoring and support.

Automated business intelligence is a whole other animal: Each approach provides its own rationale and proposes its own benefits while typically condemning the other approaches. Which is the better or preferred approach is open to opinion and experience.

Hence, I suspect that this topic is one that should be scrutinized in more depth to establish parameters for choosing and deploying any one of these options. Gartner states that inCIOs are focusing on three key things: It seems to me that these are things that CIOs should be focusing on every year!

Anyhow, what is not clear is how business intelligence is impacting these objectives. Research should provide evidence as to how business intelligence is making a tangible difference in these endeavors.

Some of the reasons CCM cites for increased crime are reduced corporate loyalties, global economic turmoil, and technology. More research is needed to understand the impact of business intelligence on crime management.

In corporate crime management, we need to better comprehend opportunities and issues in investigative intelligence, risk analysis, as well as counter and competitive intelligence.

In addition, it would probably be prudent to understand the successes and failures when business intelligence is used to modify policing tactics in public crime management.

Crisis Management It is important to explore how business intelligence is employed to help organizations learn about and deal with a major unpredicted event. In other words, how good is business intelligence at crisis prevention and management? A crisis involves incidents that can threaten or do harm to an organization, its stakeholders, or the general public.

More research is warranted to understand how and when firms become aware of these situations and whether business intelligence helps them to prevent or manage any associated risk.

Customer Feedback Management According to Gleanster Research business intelligence can be used to improve customer feedback management. Research needs to be done to better understand how business intelligence is improving the customer experience via the capture, analysis, and actions taken based on customer feedback.

Moreover, critical success factors and mitigating issues need to be identified. For example, insurers, carmakers, and shopping malls want cell data to track customers. And it is pretty easy to get since 47 of the most popular cell phone apps e. The Dutch government even used it to set speed traps!

Although the Senate plans a hearing to consider a law to protect consumer privacy, it is currently legal to use this data in the U.What about pursuing your research from the perspective of not simply business intelligence as a processed form of data which has been carefully selected from a mass of data that has itself been passively collected but rather from improvements on business intelligence which could be made How many research papers do you read in data science.

Business Intelligence Research provides an overview of this exciting and high-impact field, highlighting its many chal-lenges and opportunities.

Figure 1 shows the key sections of this paper, including BI&A evolution, applications, and emerging analytics research opportunities. We then report. World of science essay environmental what is creative writing quotes aspirations essay xml (essay on happiness and love homework) dialogue in creative writing igcse, research paper parts and function hypergeometric research papers in linguistics journal.

International Research Download the latest reports to help you navigate overseas markets. Infographics An at-a-glance view of the key findings of many PMMI reports. Quickie Surveys View all Business Intelligence quickie surveys. Technology research on Business Intelligence (BI), analytics, and data mining software and solutions.

Business intelligence (BI) has been proliferated due to its growing application for business decision support. Research on organizational factors may offer significant use in BI implementation.

However, a limited number of studies focus on organizational factors for revealing adverse impact on effective decision support.

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