The history of uum

Sintok Campus[ edit ] The main campus is on a 1, hectare site in Sintok, Kedah.

The history of uum

Shukri Shuib Mahathiriskonomism is a thought concept in an effort to save the economy under crisis and has proven successful.

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This model was a manifestation of idea and an action plan used by Malaysia during the economic crisis, which was an This model was a manifestation of idea and an action plan used by Malaysia during the economic crisis, which was an initiative of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad during his reign as Malaysia's Prime Minister.

With experience in handling two great economic crises, in andthe birth of an economic management under stress by Tun Dr Mahathir can clearly be called as Mahathiriskonomism. Therefore, the thought perspective and idea with the actions that were used in was perceived as an important effective experiment in handling the economic crisis which has defied western believes, applied by the International Money Fund IMF and also the World Bank under the Washington Consensus.

The global economic crisis made Malaysia an important subject as alternative management in economy under stress. metadata updates

In this ever challenging world, no country in this world can escape from menaces and threats. The threats that emerge can come in various forms. One of the threats and menaces that can manifest is in terms of economy and national development.

Consequently the countries being threaten are compelled to accept the injection from the International Money Fund IMF which is perceived by some leaders and the public as a proxy to United State and westerners. The IMF had succeeded in confusing the local financial and political system.

In the quest to defend the integrity and sovereignty of Malaysia, under the leadership of former Prime Minister, Y. Mahathir Mohamad had successfully minimized the impact of threats and maintained economic management and national politic towards stability.

Hence, this approach which can also be referred as 'Mahathiriskonomisme' is identified as a successful approach that amazed the world, furthermore it is observed and studied not only by economy and political researchers in Malaysia, but also international researchers.The history of legal theories in e-contract Mohd Shariff, Roos Niza () The history of legal theories in e-contract.

In: 23rd International Conference of Historians of Asia (IAHA), 23 - 27 August , Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia.

The Contracts Act, is not specifically intended for the publishingworld; it covers all agreements made in other fields too.

Apart from outlining general contract matters, the act also outlines matters which may lead to breaches of contracts. Dato' Wira Hafarizam, who is also a member of UUM Board of Directors (LPU), explained the history of the tort of misfeasance which can be traced back to the 17th century in England.

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The history of uum

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